Hiquphon Tweeters


Some unconventional words...

It seems customary that I provide some creative and wonderful reason concerning why everyone should purchase my products.   Unfortunately, I won't do this.  While it is true that I use drivers and components that are arguably the best available, there are always compromises.  I endeavor to provide a small selection of products having the cleanest possible audio window.  The downside to this endeavor is the effect a clean audio window will have on mediocre source equipment and mediocre recordings.  Their mediocrity is clearly revealed.  Using the 1801s for a dedicated Home Theater setup is very excessive.  Using the 1801 for 1970s rock-n-roll is a bad idea.  Hence, my products are not the best for everyone.

Indeed all of my customers are very pleased, but the most zealous EllisAudio hifi enthusiasts are those with great source gear and great recordings.