Imagination. Product excellence. Sound systems that enhance the musical experience. This is the essence of Dave Ellis's design philosophy since he built his first pair of speakers nearly 25 yeas ago.  The 1801! Series sound reinforcement loudspeakers feature high efficiency, enormous output and headroom, wide dynamic range, and very low distortion.

Naturally, each 1801 speaker is designed to fill your listening area with deep, dynamic, action-filled bass and soaring lead guitars. Not to mention crystal clear vocals and all the subtleties in the softest whispers. The 1801 Series consists of two stand mounted monitor systems.  Exquisite and refined, all precisely voice-matched for a seamless soundfield and a truly exciting, three dimensional listening experience.

Each 1801 Loudspeaker is conceived as a cost-no-object high performance two way loudspeaker system featuring high sensitivity, a detailed but romantic top end, smooth, natural, articulate midrange, exceptional imaging, and an aggressive, dynamic low end.

These sound like the design goals for virtually every midsized loudspeaker system; however, these goals are rarely accomplished. First of all, transparency throughout the midrange - the single most important element in high end reproduction - is difficult to achieve with a woofer larger than six or seven inches; however, bass response into the second octave at realistic listening levels requires significant air to be moved, virtually ruling out small woofers of conventional design.

Secondly, a transparent, floating sound stage with precise image focus is almost impossible to achieve with monopole loudspeaker systems of large dimensions, again ruling out larger drivers.

Thirdly, to avoid upper midrange deterioration due to tweeter break-up and crossover parasitics while insuring midrange naturalness and image stability, a suitable crossover frequency - above 2.5khz and uncomplicated crossover topology is required. This rules out virtually all conventional woofers due to both power handling, excursion limits and cone resonance.

The systems we present here achieve our design goals by fully exploiting the remarkable capabilities of two of the latest drivers from Norway and Denmark;  the W18E001 Magnesium woofer and the Hiquphon OWI tweeter, combined via a simple crossover network of the highest quality.

I sincerely hope that you didn't spend too much time reading the above mentioned remarks.  They represent my sense of humor and disdain for the propaganda contained in typical loudspeaker marketing.   Most of the print on a manufacturers page is completely garbage.  It is filled with half truths and gadgets intended to make the layperson think there is something truly special about that particular product.  The truth is that loudspeakers are complicated, but can be executed extremely well by anyone having intelligence and ambition.

I did modify and change the above remarks slightly to fit my product, but they come from two loudspeaker manufacturers.  One of them sells a very respectable speaker, the other doesn't.  Can you tell the difference among my mostly plagiarized words?

My point is, I would rather not comment on my own product.  The most valuable commentary comes from those who have no financial interest in a product.  Don't listen to what I have to say.  Listen to what others have to say.  

What Others Say

If you are about to sue me for plagiarism, I would be happy to tell you where the words above primarily originated.  I did take the liberty of correcting one typo.