Domestic Evan



Here are a couple breakfast photo's of Evan.  Evan found Dad's hearing protection.  Evan loves to wear this stuff.  It helps him get into a productive mindset.  Man's work gets done with hearing protection.


Dad and Evan do their Christmas shopping.  The picture quality isn't very good.  It was a scanned photo. 

Evan is normally allowed to play with most of Dad's tools.  This is essential for the proper development of any youth.  Here Evan play's with Dad's soldering iron.  

A keen eye will notice that the soldering iron tip is slightly bent.  Evan figured out how to insert the soldering iron tip into dads workbench tagboard and pull very hard.  The tip is summarily bent.  Thus, this soldering iron has become Evan's toy.

Here Evan plays piano with Mom.  Developing perfect pitch is much more likely for those who start their training young.