Many fine gentlemen have assisted me in this endeavor.  They didn't demand anything other than my continued enjoyment in this hobby.  I wish you the same enjoyment.  Other than what is in the rhetoric section for your reading, I offer this:

If you provide the parameters needed in the picture below, I will model an enclosure for you.  I would also appreciate knowing what you "generally" want to achieve with this particular driver.  (i.e. a f3 of 45hz... or  how long of a port and what tuning can I achieve with model "x" driver in a 30 litre box.)  Please provide your numbers in metric.  LspLab will perform Vd based on the other parameters, so you won't need to provide me this parameter.  

I will also need to know the approximate percentage of stuffing you will be using.  I do understand that there are differences in stuffing properties, but most folks agree that some sort of glass fiber/accoustastuff will yield a 1.35x larger apparent volume.  Foams, have somewhat lesser effects.  

Also, if you are willing to pay shipping I will measure the T/S parameters for your mid-woofers.  I use the delta compliance method and am setup for 6-7" drivers.

After modeling, I will email you the proper parameters for the most flat alignment.  

Update, 4 Jan02.  I have learned, with a good degree of confidence, that the above methods will only be close.  Not only are the traditional alignments (i.e. QB3, BB4,C4 etc.) audibly flawed, the computer generated modeling that follows the traditional alignment mathematics will also produce audibly imperfect results.  The reason for this is the subject of some debate.  I think the reason is within the realm of box losses and port turbulence, but I cannot prove my position.  This doesn't mean that the above measurements are worthless.  

The efforts of many genius level physicists went into the afore mentioned system of predicting cabinet outcomes.  They will be close, and therefore remain very useful.  Simple modification of the port length will provide the proper audible response in the intended listening room.  The combination of science and the human ear will produce the best results.