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I have found that the very best products and services come from small shops where the gentleman inside works very hard and is proud to put his name on everything that goes out the door. Such is true with the Oskar Wroendings' (OW) Hiquphon tweeters. I believe Hiquphon represents the very best value in high end tweeters, and might be the very best tweeter at any price. All of Oskars' tweeters are measured and matched before leaving the shop. Oskar remains profoundly concerned with every last bit of minutia. While waiting for the shipment of tweeters Oskar conveyed the following via email:

Dear Dave,

Just a short update:
I confirmed that the goods will fly to Great Falls International Airport when dispatched.

We are still working with the units. They don't come easy...quality must be top level...) Takes time. Sorry.
Dispatch will most likely take place first coming Tuesday. If no unforeseen problems occur in the meantime.

We have a heat wave here at the moment and I have some troubles with the audio measurement testing because of these extreme hot and humid conditions. Temperature is around 26 degrees Celsius in our production facilities and the dehumidifiers are running 24 hours a day to meet the 60% relative humidity.

This is quite abnormal in Denmark. Normally we can keep production temperature around 20 degree Celsius and the humidity on 60% relative.

But we will manage.

Best regards
Oskar Wroending
to music with love...

I am proud to be affiliated with Oskar and offer the following

OW1 OW1-FS (Ferrofluid) OW2

$252 - matched pair

$265 - matched pair

$252 - matched pair

in stock

in stock

in stock

OW2-92-FS (Fried Tweeteers)



$280 - matched pair

$300 - matched pair

$300-matched pair

in stock

in stock

not in stock