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Method of Payment

Domestic Customers:  Payment via Check or Paypal is fine.

International Customers:  Payment via Paypal is fine.

Method of Shipping

I ship all parcels less than 80lbs via USPS mail.  There are a few reasons for this.  In my experience, USPS parcel carriers are very gentle with parcels.  For international customers,  the USPS customs & paperwork fees to all countries is equal or less than other parcel carriers.  I have also found USPS perfectly reliable after thousands of parcels domestically and hundreds of parcels overseas.

1801 Kit


Domestic Customers:  The shipping cost for kits in the USA is $18 via USPS parcel post (4-7days).


International Customers:  The shipping cost for overseas customers is approximately $100 via USPS airmail (1-2 weeks).  Please let me know if you discover a less expensive method.


Canadian Customers:  Shipping will cost is $45 via airmail.


Domestic Customers:  The shipping cost for tweeters in the USA is $5.

International Customers:  There are two options for shipping tweeters internationally.  The shipping cost for tweeters is $18 via USPS Global Priority Airmail fixed-rate stiff envelope, but there is no insurance when using this method.  The shipping cost for tweeters is $40 via Insured Airmail in a box.

EURO Customers:  Due to VAT considerations, EURO customers must order directly from Oskar in Denmark.

1801 Completed Speakers

Completed speakers require considerable time. The current wait is 12+ months.  This has remained constant since the 1801 loudspeaker benediction in the year 2000. I cannot in good conscience commit to orders for customers placing a high priority on a guaranteed timeline. The only guarantee I can offer is that I will gladly accept orders and fill them in the order received. My dedication to family and work come before my hobby.

Shipping cost for completed speakers is $90 in the USA.  $70 covers the actual shipping cost.  The additional $20 is for a very solid plywood-reinforced carton.  DHL ground carriers are far too "energetic" for a standard cardboard box with newspaper stuffing or bubble wrap.  I have learned this lesson the hard-way. 

Shipping completed speakers overseas is brutally expensive.  I have accomplished this twice to Europe, but the cost was @$450.

Deposits for Completed Speakers

I didn't want to require this, but lack of customer integrity has necessitated this measure.  I operate on very little overhead and  @ 7% profit margins (if nothing breaks).   In 2001 I netted $1.9k loss.  Some of this was due to customers "backing out" of their request.  


I operate on the FIFO (First In, First Out) method.  This means the first check($) received/"in" is the first item delivered/"out".  


I require a 50% deposit for completed speaker requests.  This deposit is non-refundable.  


Payments are non-refundable.  Products are normally mailed within 14 days from the time I receive a check.  Personal checks will be allowed 10 days to clear, but the 14 day mailing remains unaffected.  Product mailing may be delayed due to backordered inventory (Ships traveling from Norway to the US aren't very quick).  This has only happened once during the past 3 years, and I still fulfilled my 14 day goal. 


I consulted another gentlemen in a similar predicament with customer integrity and deposits.  He wrote the following:


You know that is a universal problem.  I have always shipped my cabinets
trusting that the guy on the other end will also send payment.  I have been
burned twice.  One time long distance, one time local.  You just have to
move on.  Not worth going nuts over it...

I think that some of the buyers out there picture some INTEL type of
operation where one unit makes no difference.  Guys like you and me do this
for fun, really, and cannot afford losses (be it non-payment or custom order
cancellations).  So I think it is important to build in some profit in order
to offset the losses.  We sure won't get rich off of it!




I also don't want to require this, but my bank charges me a $25 fee for returned checks.  This fee will be directly passed to the customer.


Prices are subject to change without notice.  A deposit locks the product price published at the time of deposit.  Hence subsequent price increases will not affect those who have made a deposit.



The products I carry are covered by the manufacturer against manufacturing defects for a limited time.  Warrantee will not cover physical damage, burned, rubbing, or open voice coils.  All parts have been thoroughly tested by Ellis Audio and/or the manufacturer before shipping.  All warrantees are subject to the interpretation of Ellis Audio.  Warranted products will be repaired or replaced only.  


By placing an order, you are agreeing to all the above.  I must apologize for the nature of the aforementioned restrictions.  Thankfully, this does not affect the majority of Ellis Audio's valued customers.  However, with changing times we all face new challenges.


Please email or call me with any questions.




David Ellis



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Cell:             (612)812-1797

Central Time - USA