Why Ellis Audio?



There are a number of other kit manufacturers that make very good products.  I cite them because I do recommend their products.  Here is my brief take on what they offer.
North Creek Music - The best "reading" kit page on the web.  George Short has a good knowledge base.  He also has an impeccable reputation, and you will pay for it.  His kits aren't cheap, but they get results.  If you don't want to learn much about this hobby, and you are willing to pay for time commensurate with his resume', buy George's kits.  I am not "sold" on the mega-huge low tension wound coils.  There is already so much headroom in a standard 14ga coil when considering their operating voltage.   BTW, George does make a very good argument for them.  
Salk Sound - Jim Salk is a fine gentlemen with a killer ear for sound and profound woodworking skills.  For those seeking excellent sound in a phenomenal cabinet, the Veracity is a winner.  Recently Jim introduced a 3 way speaker called the Veractiy HT3.  This speaker is slightly better than the Joseph Audio Pearl - my previous favorite high-end speaker.
BESL - Phil Bamberg seems to fall just a scosh behind George Short in terms of apparent credibility, but this bias exists only in rhetoric.  Phil has an amazing knowledge base, but doesn't have the Masters Degree in Applied Physics "tattooed" liberally throughout his page.  Phil's rhetoric is subdued, but his design ability is on-par with the very best in the business. BESL has several very good speakers and extremely good quality control. 
Newform Research - They appear to be a major boon for manufacturer direct speakers..  I haven't heard them but suspect that they are indeed extremely good.  The factory cabinet appears slightly weak due to lack of internal bracing, but this can easily be fixed with some Black Hole 5.  Jeff Glowacki guided a customer through a detailed upgrade here.   I have used these crossover components and found them to be as described by the listener. 
Murphy Blaster - I have a pair of the SPCA's in my living room intermittently.  They are amazing for the $ !  Dennis Murphy does have the coveted Ph.D., but it is in Economics.  He is an accomplished musician, and designer.  Dennis has golden talent, and golden ears.  During my trip to CES I learned that Dennis can design a crossover equal to the very best in the business.  There were a couple crossovers I thought Dennis could easily improve upon.

I integrate the very best (arguably) drivers in acoustically correct cabinets to provide an ear opening audio experience for the refined newcomer and veteran audiophile.  My products recreate the live event without the retail brick and mortar markup, $40/hr shop fees, glossy advertising, or grotesque half-truth rhetoric prevalent in the marketplace.  My products are founded on firm science, solid craftsmanship, and many hours of listening.

This is currently a hobby for me.  My loving wife tells me that I spend slightly too much time with it.  I am not making any profit, nor do I intend to make any profit in the near furture. My mission is to build a reputation and business based on outstanding products and service during the next 6 years that might then become profitable after I retire from the Air Force. If I do make any profit before retirement, it will be donated to Christian charity organizations (i.e. Focus on the Family, Catholic Charities, KLOVE etc).

I have three solid assets in this endeavor.  I have excellent woodworking background, a good electronics background, and am married to an encouraging CPA who also has very good ears.  I was blessed with a step-father who was a cabinet maker/finish carpenter for my woodworking education.  He was a true craftsman with a keen eye, sharp tools, and spiritual approach to his work.  I have seen multi-million $ homes and have only seen door trim/cabinetry as good in one place - my oldest step-brothers home.  I watched my step-father often and wish I could have learned more from him before he died - even though I did learn a good amount.  At age 13 I started using the tools in the basement (i.e. miter box, table saw, drills, joiner...).  We had a respectable woodworking shop at home.  I made some tables, shelves, and speakers too (bad ones).  

I never learned how to make a good speaker in my youth.  I couldn't seem to find anything better than Radio Shack information.  This has changed dramatically.  Texts from Vance Dickason, F. Alton Everest, and Speaker Builder magazine provide very solid information.  A good measurement setup will cost about $1500.  After several thousand hours of eduction I can build a speaker that decimates the commercial competition.  I still enjoy making sawdust.  The creation of sawdust and beautiful music is sublime!  Also, my wife likes the smell of sawdust better than 75w90 gear oil.  Hence, she is very encouraging of my hobby and accepts the thousands of hours I have spent learning about speaker building.

I am also fairly adept with electronics.  From 1985 to 1989 I worked as a Patriot Missile System Technician in the Army.  Initially I was pretty inept, but by the end of those 4 years I was quite competent.  A few college electronics courses followed.  Electricity is just like water.  It goes from high pressure to low pressure.  The flow of electricity has a systemic purpose.  Troubleshooting  and design is quite logical after reasoning through the basic concepts.

My wife is my most important asset.  She keeps me "in line" with all of the business rules and has incredible ears.  Most businesses fail because their leaders don't know anything about business.  In the year 2000 a wonderful speaker designer (Paul Hales) based in California went under.  He produced an excellent product.  He had excellent design principles, innovation, but he failed financially.    I don't have to worry about this.  First, as noted above, I don't intend to make any profit for many years.  Second, my wife Julie is a darn good CPA.  She keeps me straight.  She also has phenomenal ears.  Julie can sit before a full orchestra and hear the French Horn playing slightly flat.  She can do the same with a set of speakers.  My wife is a blessing more precious than rubies - for this and many other reasons too.

My company is run by, well... God.  My wife has the CPA and I have fun, but all good things come from the Lord.  As long as God gives me motivation and fascination I will continue to make sawdust, and beautiful music.